UV fluorescent dispersions

Some of our pigments are also available as aqueous dispersions. Using these products can save your company time and money as we have done a big part of the processing for you. Since you don’t have to work with fine powder there are less work safety related concerns. As being solvent-free these dispersions are environmentally friendly choices without the emission of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC). These materials are easy to dose and easy to mix even with a traditional mixer, therefore there is no need to use a bead mill or other expensive equipment. Our dispersions usually have a 50% pigment content and they can be used in water based inks, paints, coatings and varnishes. Dispersions have long time stability and compatible with slightly basic or acidic additives. After diluted to the desired concentration and mixed with the optimal additives and binders it is ready to use for water-based flexo, screen and gravure printing. In normal daylight conditions, these dispersions are virtually invisible on paper. However, on exposure to UV-A light the fluorescence intensity becomes visible, therefore our dispersions are highly effective for coding and marking purposes. If you cannot find the matching color for your needs, Luminochem offers custom dispersions made from our extensive variety of visually fascinating, bright colored pigments.

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