The crime of counterfeiting affects the whole of society causing suffering, death and loss of income around the globe. The World Health Organisation estimates that one in ten drugs sold in developing countries is fake and suggests there has been a 90% rise in worldwide incidence of counterfeit pharmaceuticals in five years. Criminals producing counterfeit government controlled documents are an increasing threat to our society. The growing number of counterfeit critical safety parts finding their way into the vehicle and engineering industry poses a risk for all concerned. Loss of income from fake luxury goods and detriment to brand reputation is a global problem for manufacturers and their employees and one that is growing each year.

LuminoChem understands the problems facing security solution providers and we work at an innovative level to help protect our society from counterfeiting crime. We act at the forefront of this protection process; our team of chemists are continually developing new pigments that drive forward the evolution of advanced effects. We believe that complacency has no place in brand protection and we strive to always be that one vital step ahead of counterfeiters, working in our laboratories to develop the next phase of deterrents. LuminoChem gives our customers the tools to enable them to constantly adapt to ever changing needs as soon as they arise, making original ways to protect society, governments and brand owners using unexpected and hidden manipulations that are ever harder to find and copy.

Images, text, security threads, security strips
Passports, identity cards, driver licenses, vehicle registration and electoral registrations
Educational qualifications, licenses, bill of landing, certificates of authenticity, authorizations
Visa, tax, access and safety
Credit, loyalty and access



Luminochem Pigments for Security Printing

LuminoChem pigments can be incorporated into hidden texts, marks and images and, whilst not visible under normal white light, can be easily verified using ultra-violet light (UV‑A, 365 nm or UV‑C, 254 nm) or a special luminescence detector.
As we can produce pigments of high fluorescent intensity with a very fine particle size LuminoChem pigments are suitable for use in offset, flexo, gravure, screen and intaglio printing techniques. The vividness of our proprietary water soluble and organic solvent soluble fluorescent dyes means they are suitable for use in inkjet printing applications at around 1% concentration. The availability of fine particle size pigments (d90 < 1‑2 µm), allow them to be used in industrial ink jet printers. We produce three types of NIR absorbing materials: solvent soluble, water soluble and insoluble.

  1. Hidden imprints on labels, packaging or a product surface.
  2. Tamper evident seals and security labels
  3. Product authentication
  4. Special applications