Advanced Authentication Technologies

Did you know the global value of counterfeit and pirated goods are exceeding 2 trillion dollars by 2022? This is leading to a loss in sales of more than 500 billion dollars for major companies. Counterfeit products are taking up to 3.3% of global trade, and 6.8% of all products imported into the EU.

Global trends show that counterfeiters tend to forge products that we haven’t even thought of before. Pharmaceuticals, clothing (even socks!), food & beverages, cosmetics, lubricants, and electronics, including solar panels and industrial products. There is not a single industry that is safe from counterfeiting, dilution, diversion, and other malicious activities.

That is why Luminochem’s team of scientists joined other experienced security providers to deliver complete and unique protection for your products, documents, labels, packages, prints, and more.

Our brand protection solutions include covert product and label marking for invisible protection and seamless product design, quality assurance and product sorting solutions with invisible serialization, unique chemical markers for higher security, security taggants, and the combinations of all of the above.

Luminochem’s Advanced Authentication Technologies are unique, thus always carefully tailored to our customer’s exact needs.

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AAT Solutions

Security labels for brand protection

Discover Luminochem’s complex Brand protection solutions with a 100% unique security system optimized for your exact needs. Choose from the variations of high-security features to create a robust security mix that defends your product from counterfeiting, substitution, dilution, diversion, and other criminal activities.

Our security labels include overt features like screening, micro lettering, and QR codes. We also offer covert features like UV fluorescent inks and taggants for invisible protection. These solutions are suitable for narrow-web flexo technology with UV-curing inks.

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Invisible UV barcode system

Brand owners have a hard time nowadays balancing between effective brand protection and quality control solutions and creating a seamless design that is not corrupted by hideous markings on the package or labels.

Luminochem offers a solution that eliminates this problem with invisible marking and coding. With Luminochem’s invisible UV-barcode system our customers have the possibility to apply invisible marking directly on the production line without compromising the label design of the product.

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LUCT chemical marking systems

Chemical marking of a banknote, a document, or a product is not a new idea, there were many trials decades ago with mixed results. Luminochem’s experienced chemists are not satisfied with mixed results, therefore they perfected the technology and developed something that really works and protects what truly matters to our customers.

The LUCT chemical marking system is a covert marking solution that is invisible to the naked eye and stays hidden even under UV lamps, laser, or IR cameras. The marking only becomes visible when it gets in touch with the special reagent(s) needed.

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Invisible UV serialization
of difficult surfaces

For brand protection, quality control, and authentication purposes there is a need for secure marking of plastics in a fast and cost-efficient way. However, stamping of difficult, non-porous surfaces like Polyurethane or other plastics is surely a great challenge.

Luminochem’s team of scientists solved this problem and we have developed a solution to invisibly mark these challenging surfaces.

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LiQode fuel markers

Fuel smuggling is a major problem in many parts of the world causing huge damage to brand owners. Fuel marking is the integration of a unique security marker in trace quantities into petroleum products before distribution in the market. Markers are used to guarantee product integrity, as well as protect against counterfeiting, adulteration, and tax fraud.

LiQode is a proprietary two-component security marker system for liquids, applicable to lubricants, hydraulic oil, gear oil, and motor oil. The fuel marker (LiQode) is almost undetectable without the second component.

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