UV fluorescent pigments

Fluorescent security materials can be excited by non-visible light in the UV‑A, UV‑B or UV‑C region and emit visible light, while showing no color in daylight. Luminochem’s special luminescent products have an easy to implement fluorescent effect with excellent emission intensity, displaying colors from ice blue to deep red.
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UV bi- and tri-fluorescent pigments

Luminochem is proud to offer our customers distinct and unusual bi- and tri-fluorescent pigments. These pigments are invisible in daylight and are showing a different color under UV-A, UV-B and UV-C light. This means that the pigments are able to offer a secondary and if needed, even a tertiary level of security, making them a top class product for creating unique security effects.
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Water-soluble UV fluorescent dyes

We have developed an advanced generation of proprietary water-soluble fluorescent dyes for use in inkjet technology, security fibers and any water based solutions. Not only are these dyes available in our usual array of distinct colors, they have the advantage of offering customers the ability to make their inks environmentally friendly. These dyes are excited by UV‑A and UV‑C light with great emission intensity, whilst being invisible under daylight.
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UV fluorescent dispersions

Some of our pigments are also available as aqueous dispersions. Using these products can save your company time and money as we have done a big part of the processing for you. In normal daylight conditions, these dispersions are virtually invisible on paper. However, on exposure to UV-A light the fluorescence intensity becomes visible, therefore our dispersions are highly effective for coding and marking purposes.
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Anti-Stokes (up-converting) pigments

Anti-Stokes pigments are luminescent materials which are able to convert invisible near infrared (NIR) laser light to visible (VIS) light. The anti-Stokes shift occurs when the emission is a shorter wavelength than the original excitation wavelength. The effect shows up as a concentrated bright color spot. These high quality pigments can be used for offset printing and are highly effective for special applications in the field of authentication such as security taggants in paper, or polymer industries.
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NIR absorbing pigments and dyes

When a device containing Near Infra-Red (NIR) pigment or dye is viewed through an infrared camera a black or dark grey area will be seen, while traditional pigments and dyes are invisible. Specialized infrared detectors pick up this effect so a machine readable feature can be created. Because of these characteristics these pigments offer a huge variety of security solutions from QR codes to semi-disappearing pictures, the limit is only our fantasy.
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Electronic Detection Systems

Luminochem’s electronic detection systems are developed to make our customers work easier when it comes to detect and authenticate products with security features designed with our materials.
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