Luminochem is finally back offline

Luminochem is finally back offline

After a long time, we finally had the opportunity to meet each other in person and refresh old relationships and build completely new, mutually fruitful connections. The opportunity was given by the professional organiser team of the Identity week 2021 in London, Excel. Despite all difficulties and regulations, they managed to create an inspiring event, which brought back together most of the key players on the market.

The conference covered the most important and current topics, that affects the ID industry, brought to us by professional speakers. The presentations covered the problems and effects of the pandemic situation on the Identity segment, the new trends and emerging forces of digitalization, biometric solutions, RFID, and of course our favourite: developments in security document printing including UV fluorescent pigments. In a nutshell: as always, we’ve learned a lot about the possibilities and the future of cooperation between different suppliers and manufacturers of the Identity industry. 

Unfortunately, Covid still felt its impact, as only a small number of our overseas friends showed up, but we hope the situation will go back to normal soon. Until then we will visit online events held in these regions to stay in touch with the other part of the world.

It was felt in the air how hungry people are for personal conversations, learning from each other and offering mutual benefits for each other’s business. Thanks to this generally elevated mood, our colleagues did not have time to stop for even a minute, our booth was under a constant siege by curious attendees. They have revived many old friendships, business relationships and established fresh and rewarding ones with inspiring partners. 

It was exciting to see what the temporary silence brought to the players of the market. Most of the exhibitors came up with some new development, innovation or a whole new product group. Luminochem didn’t do any different either, we spent this time usefully concentrating on our complete renewal.

The company got a completely new image, which we were able to present at the exhibition in the form of a new stand, new catalogues, and a completely new website. In addition, we were able to present our latest product group for the first time to the public: the UV fluorescent dispersions. With this new product group we can fulfil the needs of a wider range of customers and serve existing customers with new demands.

Summing up it was an uplifting and inspiring resumption after a difficult period for everyone.

We are looking forward to seeing you at more live events like this! 





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