UV fluorescent pigments

Fluorescent security materials can be excited by non-visible light in the UV‑A, UV‑B or UV‑C region and emit visible light. Luminochem’s special luminescent products have an easy to implement fluorescent effect with excellent emission intensity, displaying colours from ice blue to deep red. Our fluorescent pigments have no afterglow effect: they illuminate just until the time they are excited with UV light.

Our company offers a wide range of colors. As well as the widely used reds, yellows, greens and blues, we have developed shades of pink, white and orange which are increasingly being used in security applications. In addition, Luminochem is able to offer a library of newly developed colors which are available for testing.

Luminochem has a broad variety of luminescent materials. We are proud that our pigments are available in exceedingly fine particle size. Most of our pigments have d90 < 3 µm particle size distribution, however in some cases premium quality with d90 < 1 µm is also available.