UV Fluorescent Pigments

Fluorescent Security Pigments

Fluorescent security materials are able to absorb non-visible light in the UV‑A, UV‑B or UV‑C region and emit visible light in the whole range of the visible spectra. LuminoChem’s special luminescent products have an easy to implement fluorescent effect displaying colours from ice blue to deep red. We are able to provide delayed and fast fluorescent response security pigments to tailor to your specific needs.

Security Printing Applications

Our materials are for use in the security printing ink, coding and brand protection industry. In normal daylight conditions, the security fluorescent pigment powders are virtually invisible. However, on exposure to UV‑A (365 nm, black light), UV‑B (300 nm), or UV‑C (254 nm) the fluorescent colour becomes visible.

LuminoChem are able to offer a huge range of colours. As well as the widely used reds, yellows, greens and blues, we have developed shades of pinks, purples and oranges which are increasingly being used in the security industry. In addition, LuminoChem is able to offer a library of newly developed colours which are available for testing.

Our custom design service allows you access to our team of specialist chemists enabling collaboration to produce a pigment that meets your exact needs for absorption/emission wavelengths and chemical compatibility.

Luminochem has more than 150 unique luminescent materials. The selection listed below is only a part of the broad variety of our security pigments. Our pigments are available in d90 < 2 µm particle size distribution, however the premium quality is d90 < 1 µm. The light fastness is measured according to the blue wool scale (1-8) and the chemical stability is measured in oxidative offset ink on a 5-1 (5 is the best) scale.


Features, advantages

  • Good light and chemical fastness
  • Fine particle size available
  • Wide range of colours
  • Excellent emission intensity
  • Good thermal stability


We are always happy to discuss your specific requirements. Please contact us at sales@luminochem.com