UV Bi-fluorescent pigments

Exclusive Bi-Fluorescent UV Pigments from Luminochem

LuminoChem are proud to offer our customers distinct and unusual bi-fluorescent pigments. These are specialised pigments which are able to both absorb non-visible UV‑A or UV‑C light and emit visible colours. This means that the pigments are able to offer a secondary level of security, making them a top class product for creating unique security effects. These pigments are proprietary, meaning that these are available exclusively from LuminoChem. As with our other fluorescent pigments, we are able to offer a very wide range of colours for these pigments.

Features and Advantages

  • excellent emission intensity
  • high photostability
  • good light and chemical fastness
  • fine particle size
  • wide range of UV‑A and UV‑C fluorescent colours


We are always happy to discuss your specific requirements. Please contact us at sales@luminochem.com