Luminescent Security Pigments

LuminoChem products include the newest of colours and technology. We have developed an advanced generation of proprietary water based dyes for use in inkjet technologies, making us international leaders of groundbreaking luminescent properties that allow our customers to become part of the digital printing future.

Not just for printing applications, our pigments are also suitable for inclusion into base materials such as paints, plastics and specialist coatings, giving our customers the scope to incorporate security effects into their chosen medium.

Because we know the crucial importance of particle sizes for pigments used within the security industry, LuminoChem have developed our production plant so that we are able to offer exact particle sized pigments in bulk scale within a short time frame, ensuring precise customer requirements are met.

LuminoChem is proud to be a dynamic and up to date company, in touch with today’s trends and needs: we lead the way forwards for evolution within the security industry. We can go further than our standard product range to offer custom made pigments. Our team of knowledgeable chemists and skillful product developers are adaptable and welcome opportunities to work closely with clients to develop custom made security solutions. We invite you to talk to us about your specific needs.

Major product groups

Fluorescent: Invisible print will show bright colour under UV‑A or UV‑C light. The colours available are varied, unique and eye-catching.
Bi-fluorescent: Invisible print will turn bright and colourful under UV‑A and to a different colour in UV‑C light, thus incorporating an additional layer of security.
UV-fluorescent water-soluble dyes: Invisible print will show bright colour under UV‑A or UV‑C light. Applicable for water based security technologies.
Anti-Stokes (up-converting): Invisible print will show a concentrated colour spot under infra-red laser light (980 mm).
NIR absorber: Invisible or light green print will absorb infra-red light showing up as dark grey or black on an infra-red camera.

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