NIR absorbing pigments

Near Infra-Red Absorbing Materials

When a device containing Near Infra-Red (NIR) pigment or dye is viewed through an infra red camera a black or dark grey area will be seen. Specialised infra red detectors pick up this effect so a machine readable feature can be created. Since counterfeits made with colour printers or copy machines can be filtered out in this way, there is no need for separate verification of origin.

LuminoChem offers three types of near-infrared absorbing products: the water soluble LUWSIR4 and the solvent soluble LUNIR5 dyes, and the insoluble LUNIR6, LUNIR16, LUNIR17 and LUNIRI1 pigments.

LUWSIR4 is a highly water soluble (220 g/l) NIR absorbing dye with high stability. This metal-free organic dark green powder can be used in ink jet and any water based varnish technology at a low concentration since the dye has a very intensive near infrared absorbing property between 865 nm — 1025 nm.

Our solvent soluble LUNIR5 near-infrared absorbing dye has high photostability and a very intensive Near Infrared Absorbing property between 800 nm—1100 nm. As well as having high acetone solubility (388 g/l) LUNIR5 can be diluted in cyclohexanone, ethyl acetate, methanol and methyl ethyl ketone (MEK). The absorption properties quoted have been measured in acetone.

LUNIR6 near-infrared absorbing pigment can be used for offset technology and has compatibly with plastic matrix. It has a fine particle size (d90 < 5 μm) and intensive NIR absorbing property between 820 nm—950 nm.

Our newly developed LUNIR16 and LUNIR17 NIR absorbing pigment products have high chemical resistance and narrow absorption range.

Features, advantages

  • High water or organic solvent solubility
  • Excellent absorbing intensity
  • Good stability

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