LiQode fuel markers

Governments all around the globe suffer from fuel fraud. Millions are lost in tax revenues by criminal activities in the petrol area. Pricing differentials between countries or subsidized petrol products assure high revenues when criminal activities are paired with a large scale market. For oil companies marketing of lubricant and fuel products is a challenge. The volatile condition of the market and today´s problems with illicit fuel laundering and smuggling activities make it a specialized task to protect a brand, to protect revenues and to keep the enhanced trust among the customers. To prevent that excise tax related government income, companies’ revenues or the integrity of their supply chains will be at risk, we developed the innovative LiQode Fuel Integrity Solution to give a support for detecting fuel adulteration and providing evidence of it. LiQode is a two component security marker system for liquids, applicable to: crude oil, kerosene, gasoline, diesel/gasoil, heating oil and lubricants. The oil marker (LiQode) is almost undetectable without the second component.

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