NIR absorbing pigments

Near Infra-Red Absorbing Materials

When a device containing Near Infra-Red (NIR) pigment or dye is viewed through an infra red camera a black or dark grey area will be seen. Specialised infra red detectors pick up this effect so a machine readable feature can be created. Since counterfeits made with colour printers or copy machines can be filtered out in this way, there is no need for separate verification of origin.

LuminoChem offers three types of near-infrared absorbing products: the water soluble LUWSIR4 and the solvent soluble LUNIR5 dyes, and the insoluble LUNIR6 pigment.

LUWSIR4 is a highly water soluble (220 g/l) NIR absorbing dye with high photostability. This metal-free organic dark green powder can be used in ink jet and any water based varnish technology at a low concentration since the dye has a very intensive near infrared absorbing property between 800 nm—1100 nm.

Our solvent soluble LUNIR5 near-infrared absorbing dye has high photostability and a very intensive Near Infrared Absorbing property between 800 nm—1100 nm. As well as having high acetone solubility (388 g/l) LUNIR5 can be diluted in cyclohexanone, ethyl acetate, methanol and methyl ethyl ketone (MEK). The absorption properties quoted have been measured in acetone.

LUNIR6 near-infrared absorbing pigment can be used for offset technology and has compatibly with plastic matrix. It has a fine particle size (d90 < 5 μm) and intensive NIR absorbing property between 820 nm—950 nm.

Features, advantages

  • High water or organic solvent solubility
  • Excellent absorbing intensity
  • Good stability

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Luminochem Anti-Stokes / Up-Converting Pigments

Anti-Stokes or Up-Converting Pigments

Anti-Stokes pigments are luminescent materials which are able to convert near infrared (NIR) laser light to visible (VIS) light. The anti-Stokes shift occurs when the emission is a shorter wavelength than the original excitation wavelength. Generally, the excitation wavelength is a sharply determined near infra-red laser light (980 nm or, in some cases, 940 nm). The effect shows up as a concentrated bright colour spot. We are able to provide anti-Stokes luminescent security pigments in the single digit micron and sub-micron range in order to enable offset printing.

These properties make anti-Stokes pigments highly effective for special applications in the field of authentication such as security printing, ceramics, paper, ink or polymer industries. We enable our customers to explore new ways of incorporating pigments into their materials, which can then be detected by sorting machines for accurate authentication. LuminoChem can produce pigments to a tightly controlled particle distribution curve and we also have the analytical equipment necessary to measure particle distribution curves.

Features and advantages

  • Applicable for paint, polymer, paper and ceramic industry
  • Excellent emission intensity
  • High stability
  • Good light fastness
  • Available in various particle size

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Water Soluble Fluorescent Dyes

Water-Soluble UV-fluorescent Pigments

LuminoChem leads the way forward for printing in the digital age. Facing head-on the challenge to make the move away from solvent based inkjet inks, we have developed an advanced generation of proprietary water based fluorescent dyes for use in inkjet technology. Not only are these dyes available in our usual array of distinct colours, they have the advantage of offering customers the ability to make their inks environmentally friendly. These dyes are excited by UV‑A and UV‑C light, whilst being invisible under ambient light.


Features, advantages

  • Applicable for water based ink jet technology
  • Applicable for other water based security technologies. For example dyeing of fibres
  • High water solubility
  • High stability
  • Good light fastness
  • Excellent emission intensity

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UV Bi-fluorescent pigments

Exclusive Bi-Fluorescent UV Pigments from Luminochem

LuminoChem are proud to offer our customers distinct and unusual bi-fluorescent pigments. These are specialised pigments which are able to both absorb non-visible UV‑A or UV‑C light and emit visible colours. This means that the pigments are able to offer a secondary level of security, making them a top class product for creating unique security effects. These pigments are proprietary, meaning that these are available exclusively from LuminoChem. As with our other fluorescent pigments, we are able to offer a very wide range of colours for these pigments.

Features and Advantages

  • excellent emission intensity
  • high photostability
  • good light and chemical fastness
  • fine particle size
  • wide range of UV‑A and UV‑C fluorescent colours


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UV Fluorescent Pigments

Fluorescent Security Pigments

Fluorescent security materials are able to absorb non-visible light in the UV‑A, UV‑B or UV‑C region and emit visible light in the whole range of the visible spectra. LuminoChem’s special luminescent products have an easy to implement fluorescent effect displaying colours from ice blue to deep red. We are able to provide delayed and fast fluorescent response security pigments to tailor to your specific needs.

Security Printing Applications

Our materials are for use in the security printing ink, coding and brand protection industry. In normal daylight conditions, the security fluorescent pigment powders are virtually invisible. However, on exposure to UV‑A (365 nm, black light), UV‑B (300 nm), or UV‑C (254 nm) the fluorescent colour becomes visible.

LuminoChem are able to offer a huge range of colours. As well as the widely used reds, yellows, greens and blues, we have developed shades of pinks, purples and oranges which are increasingly being used in the security industry. In addition, LuminoChem is able to offer a library of newly developed colours which are available for testing.

Our custom design service allows you access to our team of specialist chemists enabling collaboration to produce a pigment that meets your exact needs for absorption/emission wavelengths and chemical compatibility.

Luminochem has more than 150 unique luminescent materials. The selection listed below is only a part of the broad variety of our security pigments. Our pigments are available in d90 < 2 µm particle size distribution, however the premium quality is d90 < 1 µm. The light fastness is measured according to the blue wool scale (1-8) and the chemical stability is measured in oxidative offset ink on a 5-1 (5 is the best) scale.


Features, advantages

  • Good light and chemical fastness
  • Fine particle size available
  • Wide range of colours
  • Excellent emission intensity
  • Good thermal stability


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blacklight invisible pigment

For security printers and ink manufacturers

You may open new segments and approach many new customers using special effects enabled by our special pigments and dyes.


Luminochem develops and manufactures top-quality unique materials with

  • very small particle size < 2 micron
    high light and chemical fastness 4-5 (on Blue Wool Scale)
    high thermal stability up to 270 °C
    excellent emission intensity

We can supply pigments and dyes in volumes from several hundred grams up to several tonnes.

Luminochem can develop exclusive formulas for your very special applications.


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