Luminochem Detectors

Every luminescent pigment has a unique spectral fingerprint, so LuminoChem have developed special devices to identify individual pigments. Our detectors are developed to detect only LuminoChem pigments. This sophisticated technology is perfectly reliable and it eliminates human error during the detection process.

These devices have also been granted a patent, which means that this detection method is exclusively available at LuminoChem.

Fluorescent detector

This device can be used to detect LuminoChem fluorescent pigments in prints. If the print contains our unique material, the detection is positive.

Taggant detector

This device can be used to detect unique LuminoChem taggants in prints. The security taggant is invisible under UV, visible light and IR light and can only be detected by our special and patented taggant detector.

Fluotaggant detector

This device is the combination of the fluorescent and the taggant detector. It detects both LuminoChem fluorescent pigments and the unique, invisible marker at the same time.

  • Similar detectors can be developed for all types of materials manufactured by LuminoChem

The system cannot be counterfeited or altered, so we can guarantee maximum reliability and safety.

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