Security labels for brand protection

Discover Luminochem’s complex Brand protection solutions with a 100% unique security system optimized for your exact needs. Choose from the variations of high-security features to create a robust security mix that defends your product from counterfeiting, substitution, dilution, diversion, and other criminal activities.

Our security labels include overt features like screening, micro lettering, and QR codes. We also offer covert features like UV fluorescent inks and taggants for invisible protection. These solutions are suitable for narrow-web flexo technology with UV-curing inks.

3 levels of security

Our labels can be applied with different level security features all suited to your needs to deliver optimal product security with the best price-value ratio.

  • 1st level security features: can be checked by the naked eye like security design elements or special colors
    • Jura’s proprietary tone-sensitive custom screening
    • JURA’s proprietary 2D code
  • 2nd level: can be checked by simple devices like UV lamps for fluorescent features or magnifiers for microprinted elements
    • micro lettering
    • Full color (RGB) fluorescent images
  • 3rd level: can be checked by special devices like UV and IR fluorescence detectors
    • Bi-fluorescent inks
    • Taggants
    • Anti-Stokes materials

Scroll down and click to see our label samples for inspiration.

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