LUCT chemical marking systems

Chemical marking of a banknote, a document or a product is not a new idea, there were many trials decades ago with mixed results. Luminochem’s experienced chemists are not satisfied with mixed results, therefore they perfected the technology and developed something that really works and protects what truly matters to our customers.

The LUCT systems’ versatility gives us the option to provide our customers just what they need: our tailor-made solutions provide high security and great flexibility when it comes to complete our partners’ special requests.

How it works?

LUCT system have two components: the marker and the reagent.

LUCT markers are special chemicals developed for enhanced protection of your products, documents, labels, packages mostly via different printing technologies although, direct product marking is also possible. They are basically Level 3 security products as a special reagent is needed to activate the feature, but usually they can be easily combined with Level 2 and Level 1 features. This makes them an optimal choice for the use of brand protection and even high security purposes.

The marking can be activated by one special chemical reagent – or by a combination of reagents for more protection. They are invisible to the naked eye and stay hidden even under UV lamps, laser, or IR camera. The marking only becomes visible when it gets in touch with the special chemical needed. The process is simple and can be easily evaluated on field tests. In the presence of LUCT marker, the reaction shows a color change on the marked area although, other features can be elaborated too. The reaction can be reversible, when the liquid reagent dried off, the marking becomes invisible again.


  • Covert (Invisible)
  • Undetectable with UV lamps, laser, or IR camera
  • Combination of special reagents provide higher security
  • Forensic
  • Level 2 and 3 security
  • Completely unique


  • High security
  • Brand Protection
  • They can be mixed into different types of printing inks depending on the systems
  • On almost any surfaces (depending on the application, on the ink system etc.)
  • Protect your products, documents, labels, packages, prints and more

Additional advantages

  • Simple application, no need to modify your existing printing methods
  • Simple, but secure detection on field tests
  • Can be used directly on the production line
  • Good lightfastness
  • Marking without compromising the design
  • No expensive equipment needed
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