Invisible UV serialization of difficult surfaces

The application of fluorescent materials in stamps has a long history. Security stamp-pad inks are still widely used in passports or in taxation documents. The carrier is always paper in these applications.

For brand protection, quality control, and authentication purposes there is a need for secure marking of plastics in a fast and cost-efficient way. However, stamping of difficult, non-porous surfaces like Polyurethane or other plastics is surely a great challenge.

Luminochem’s team of scientists solved this problem and we have developed a solution to mark these challenging surfaces. Our philosophy is to supply tailor-made solutions so when our partners have different requests, we always provide the best-fit systems available.

Fields of application

  • On almost any surface: paper, plastic (even on Polyurethane!), metal, wood, etc…
  • Brand Protection
  • Quality control
  • Product protection via direct marking

Application technology

  • Manual application, simple stamping process
  • Industrial application is also possible
  • Difficult–to–print surfaces can be marked (non-porous plastics)
  • Invisible or colored UV fluorescent prints
  • Authentication with a UV torch

Security features

  • Covert (Invisible)
  • Easy detection with UV lamps and/or specific detectors
  • A combination of special dyes/pigments/taggants provides higher security
  • Forensic

Additional advantages

  • Simple and flexible application,
  • Simple, but secure detection on field tests
  • No expensive equipment needed
  • Can be used directly on the production line
  • Good chemical fastness
  • Good lightfastness
  • The solution is 100% unique and customizable to your security needs.
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