Invisible UV barcode system

Brand owners have a hard time nowadays balancing between effective brand protection solutions and creating a seamless design that is not corrupted by hideous markings on the package or labels.

Luminochem offers a solution that eliminates this problem with invisible marking and coding. With Luminochem’s invisible UV-barcode system our customers can apply covert marking directly on the production line without compromising the label design of the product.

Fields of application

  • Brand protection solutions
    • Security marking
  • Process controlling
    • Control of secondary packaging
    • Control of collation process
    • Label verification
    • Quality control processes

Security features

  • Covert (Invisible)
  • Easy detection with UV lamps and/or specific detectors
  • A combination of special pigments/taggants may provide higher security
  • Unique solutions based on the partner’s exact needs
  • Forensic

Additional advantages

  • Applicable without compromising the brand image and design elements
  • Printing requires no modification of the existing printing line
  • Can be used directly on the production line
  • No expensive equipment needed
  • Good chemical fastness
  • Good lightfastness
  • Or just the opposite: if needed, it is possible to use fluorescent pigments of a short lifetime. The print will disappear shortly after printing
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