Zoltán Bajkó, Ph.D
Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Co-Owner


Dr. Bajkó obtained his MSc degree in chemical engineering at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He continued his PhD studies at the University of Bonn in cooperation with the University of Michigan in the area of organometallic chemistry. After receiving his Ph.D, he became postdoctoral fellow of BASF in Ludwigdshafen. He has several years of management and research experience in the field of the chemical industry.



Csaba Csajági
Chief Research Officer (CRO), Co-Owner


Mr. Csajági is the chief research officer and co-owner of Luminochem Ltd. He earned his degree at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics as a chemical and biological engineer and he took his second degree at the Corvinus University as an economist.

Currently he is developing new processes, strategies and compounds, fluorescent markers for brand protection, anti-counterfeiting and also photophysical active compounds for biological-medical usage. Mr. Csajági has numerous patents and articles in the field of marking-technology and organic chemistry.



Zsolt Székelyhidi, Ph.D
Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Co-Owner


Dr. Székelyhidi is the chief technology officer and co-owner of Luminochem Ltd. He received his MSc degree in chemical engineering from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Studies at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, followed by his Ph.D. at the School of Doctoral Studies of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Semmelweis University.

He is responsible for the chemical production and scale-up processes, directing the product-marking and origin protection projects in addition to controlling Hungarian and international business relations.





Mr. Guljajev received his Master degree in Budapest University of Economic Sciences (Corvinus). Later he obtained post-graduate MBA degree at Buckinghamshire University College.

Mr. Guljajev has two decades experience in International business and marketing. He is responsible for Global Sales and Marketing at Luminochem. 


KAM, UK representative



Mr. Aartsen has a background in pure chemistry and has spent over 20 years working on business development in the document security and brand protection sectors.

He is responsible for business development and global key account management at LuminoChem.


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