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  • Solvent soluble NIR absorber pigment. Absorption region: lambda= 800-1000 nm, Absorption maximum= 980 nm. Absorptivity in Acetone: 50 L g-1 cm -1. Solubility in acetone: 388 g/L

  • EMISSION MAXIMUM: 520 nm. Appearance at UV-A light: GREENISH YELLOW. At visible light: white. Fine particle size (d90 = 1.5 µm)

  • EMISSION MAXIMUM: 444 nm. Appearance at UV-A light: PURPLE. At visible light: white. Fine particle size (d90< 2μm)

Why LuminoChem Fluorescent Pigment Products?


  • LuminoChem produces Own Developed and Nowhere Else Available Luminescent Materials which are applicable in the security printing industry and for brand protection purposes. The usage of unique materials in the security market is essential since only these materials can increase the security level of the marked document or product.

  • Beside their unique fluorescent colour, several of LuminoChem’s fluorescent products have other Unique Luminescent Properties. Security printing and other technological applications require special materials, which change their colour when one or more parameters change (e.g. temperature, pressure) in the environment or by changing the molecular structure.

  • LuminoChem pigments are available in a Small Particle Size, which is a crucial issue in the printing industry. LuminoChem’s well equipped formulation pilot plant can reduce the particle size of the pigments in bulk scale within a short time frame.

  • LuminoChem is participating in a FP7 project (Marie Curie program) which aims to develop Novel Nanoparticles for Novel Industrial Applications. At the end of this project we are looking to introduce a broad range of Nano Fluorescent Materials to the market. Short film about the project by BBC:

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Security Printing One of the main areas where special marking, origin or brand protection is the most important is security printing. This is the first line of fighting against counterfeiting. We perform services including the development and manufacturing of marker agents and detection methods.
Industrial Solutions Our pigments are widely used in many industrial area as paints, special printing inks, crack detection, colouration for papers, or “fingerprints” in origin or brand protection. We are able to produce our pigments rapidly and in large quantities with the same quality as in grams.
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